Gloucestershire CAMRA - Dursley and District Sub-Branch
Scheduled Meetings
Holly21st December     -    Christmas Meal at the Royal Oak, Leighterton.
29th January -    Hunters Hall, Kingscote followed by the meeting at 8pm at The Old Crown, Uley.
26th February -     Ranchers Steakhouse, Dursley followed by the meeting at 8pm at The Old Spot, Dursley.
26th March - Star Inn, Wotton, followed by the meeting at 8pm at The Royal Oak, Wotton.

All CAMRA members, and non-members interested in finding out about CAMRA, are welcome at meetings.

Meetings are usually held on the last Tuesday of the month and start at around 8pm. There is one regular exception to this when instead of a meeting in December a Christmas dinner and social get-together is held.

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